Taunton Chess Club Rapid Tournament


Tuesday 3rd May was the first session of the inaugural Taunton Chess Club Rapid Tournament.  The tournament is being played over two weeks, with the final night on the 10th May.

It was really encouraging to see so many players even if not all were fully enjoying the time limit of 15 minutes for each player.  There was plenty of room for blunders and missed opportunities with some players excelling.

Make sure you come to the club on Tuesday 10th May for the deciding 4 rounds.
There will be prizes!

A big thank you to Chris Greenaway for organising the tournament.

A. Walker 140 v A. Acibar 126.

John Jeremiah 109 v Martyn Maber 109

David v Ernie Fields

David v Stan

Major Tournament DG v PR

I don’t think White ever got going

Steve Miles v David Graham

Phil Johnson 141 v Arnold Acibar 117 est.

Chris Greenaway 117 v Malcom Dinham 112

K.Kyriacou v Arnold.