Delancey Junior Mega Finals


The club maybe closed for the summer but the Juniors are still playing their chess.

Today was the Delancey UK Chess Challenge Megafinals which were held at Taunton School.  The Delancey Uk Chess Challenge is the worlds largest junior chess competition which has been running since 1996 and over 1 million children have competed in the competition since it began.

What better day to have a tournament with the sun shining enabling parents to sit out on the grass as they waited for the result of each game.

Each junior played 6 games throughout the day and the top boy and girl from each section received trophies and medals for second and third place.  All those receiving an award qualify for the gigafinal and all players scoring a minimum of 4/6 points qualify for the gigafinal.  In addition; U-7s, U-9s and U-11s scoring a minimum of 3.5/6 qualify for the Gigafinal.

I am pleased to say that our juniors did us proud today with them all taking home an award and qualifying for the gigafinals for their age group.  Congratulations to both Josh and Adri for winning their age group.


Well done!! 1st place – trophy / 2nd place – purple silver medal / 3rd place – chequered bronze medal. (It seems, by accident, the teams colours were green and blue today!).

Taunton Chess Club Summer Closure – Back in September!

Well another year has gone by and who’d had thought just over a year ago that we would be back to playing over the board chess.  Thank you to all who have returned and to those who have joined us this past year, and we also miss those who haven’t yet been able to attend but aren’t far from our thoughts.  The club has gone from strength to strength this year and it is exciting to see it grow.

Meanwhile, sadly we will be closing for the summer months and this week, 31 May 2022, will be our last club night.  We will reopen on the 6th September 2022 and I’m sure David or Chris will be in touch as they start to form their teams for the Somerset League games that will be starting up again.  Remember, if you want to be a part of a team you must have an ECF membership which will be due for renewal in September.

For those who can’t cope with a break and must play chess all summer, we have an open invitation to join the Wellington Club during the summer months.  They meet on a Wednesday night at 19:30 at Chelston Chapel.  The club is free and they ask you to contribute to the courtesy jar for refreshments.  You can also follow them on their new facebook page .

Directions to Chelston Chapel

Coming from the M5, Junction 26, take the road towards Wellington.  At the next roundabout (the Skylark pub roundabout) take the last (4th) exit signposted towards Taunton.  Go past the row of houses and about 300 yards on the right just after the motorhome place, is a blue sign that reads Chelston Chapel.  Turn into that lane on the right and you will come to the chapel about 100 yards down the lane.  Parking is available.

Coming from Taunton, take the Wellington A38 road, continue past Rumwell Farm shop, Sheppy’s, Blackdown garden centre and just before the motorhome place on the left take the lane off to the left and you will find the chapel about 100 yards down the lane.  Unfortunately you will have your back to the Chelston Chapel sign but you will see it as you turn.  If you miss it and you get to the roundabout, just go around and come back and you will see it on our return. Chelston chapel

 We trust that you will have a wonderful summer and we look forward to seeing you again either at the Wellington club or on our return in September.

Achievements, Trophies & Tournaments

Tonight we celebrated achievements and finished our rapid tournament from last week.

First of all, we took time to honour Mike Ward who has given many many years of service to Taunton Chess Club.   Mike will be stepping down as the club chairman and tournament organiser, but his contribution is more than that.  He is known as the guru of chess rules, if you don’t know; you ask Mike as he knows the rule book so well.  Fortunately Mike is not leaving us, he will still be around for a long time pushing his queen and pawns around the chess board.  We want to say a big thank you to you for all that you have done and we hope that we continue to build on the foundations you have laid.


We continued the Rapid Tournament from last week.  Poor Chris had a big task on his hands this week as the computer software was down and so it was a paper and pen exercise to arrange matches between rounds.  At the end of round 6 we thought that we could almost predict the winner but we were proved wrong in round 7 when Arnold and Simon drew their games forcing a 4 way draw with 4 players (Arnold, Frey, Niall & Simon) on 5.5 points.  We then drew lots to see who would play each other for a 5 minutes rapid semi final.  Frey and Arnold battled it out on one board and Niall and Simon on the other.  This was followed by a grand final between Arnold and Niall.  See below to see who was victorious.


WInner – Niall


2nd Place – Arnold

Semi-Finalists, Minor Winner & Runner-up

Junior Players


A big thank you to Chris for organising the event and I’m sure we will keep it in the diary for next year.

 Major & Minor Club Tournament

We also took the opportunity to present our annual Minor and Major trophies.  Throughout the year, members are placed in a club tournament according to their grade and they play each other all year round.  At the end, the successful winner gets their name added to the trophy and then they have to find a shelf at home to admire it for a year.  A big congratulations to this year winners:

Major Tournament – Arnold Acibar

IMG_20220510_213254724 IMG_20220510_213303061

 Minor Tournament – Nathanael Tretheway

IMG_20220510_213209317 IMG_20220510_213217187_BURST000_COVER_TOP

Here are some pictures from the tournament.  Taunton Chess club will be open for 3 more weeks before closing for the season until September.  If you are interested in chess and would like to try the club out, please come along and like our facebook page to keep up with news of when we will reopen.

Taunton Chess Club Rapid Tournament


Tuesday 3rd May was the first session of the inaugural Taunton Chess Club Rapid Tournament.  The tournament is being played over two weeks, with the final night on the 10th May.

It was really encouraging to see so many players even if not all were fully enjoying the time limit of 15 minutes for each player.  There was plenty of room for blunders and missed opportunities with some players excelling.

Make sure you come to the club on Tuesday 10th May for the deciding 4 rounds.
There will be prizes!

A big thank you to Chris Greenaway for organising the tournament.

Delancey UK Chess Challenge Mega Finals – Calling all Juniors

Delancey Logo_Gigafinal-3

Calling all Taunton Chess Club Junior Players.

When: 12th June 2022
Where: Taunton Pre School
Age: Aged 18 and younger (born after 31.08.2003)

The tournament is part of the Delancey UK chess challenge for juniors and covers all the UK. Mega finals are held in different areas of the country (Somerset being our local tournament), then those who are successful will proceed to the gigafinals, then the terafinals.

More information about the Delancey program can be found here:

Taunton Chess Club Juniors are eligible to enter the competition at the megafinal stage and we would like to encourage all of you to enter, if you are able, as it will be great experience for you all and even better if you continue on in the competition. The cost is £20 and to submit your entry please head over to the entry form at the following link:

If you do sign up to take part can you please drop an email to Sharon & Chris on the club email: to let us know you are going so we can gather together during the event and Chris will be on hand to walk through games, give advice and Sharon can bring cake and look after bags etc!

Hope you can make it.

Friendly Matches

We have played two friendly matches recently, one against Sedgemoor and one against Wellington.

When we visited Sedgemoor last, we suffered an ignominious defeat 5 1/2 to 1/2.

When they came to us on the 5th April we beat them 5-0. Perhaps it was our posh wooden match sets that unnerved them, or maybe we just played better.

Especially well done to Louis Wainwright representing Taunton for the first time. A solid victory over Sedgemoor’s Ryan.

The result at Wellington was not as good. We lost 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 ; that is 1 loss and 3 draws.

Perhaps in current times though, results are less important than the opportunity to play over the board chess against unknown opponents.

Anyway thanks to all who took part. Niall, Ioannis, Chris, Stan, Richard, Arnold, Phil, Frey and Louis.


Frome Congress.

Please find below details of the next Frome Congress organised by the Frome Chess Club (with many helpers).  The annual Frome Congress is one of the most popular and friendly Congresses in the South-West, regularly attracting between 150 and 200 entrants.  The Selwood Academy venue has comfortable playing conditions. The restaurant, bookstall and analysis areas are separate from the playing areas and there is ample (free) car parking.  The Congress includes the Somerset Championships. The Open is FIDE-rated.

The organisers reserve the right to require additional mitigations against COVID-19, such as the compulsory wearing of face masks in the tournament hall.  The final decision will be made shortly before the start of the congress, based on the government regulations in force at the time.  Online entries and Congress leaflet/brochure will be made available as soon as possible.  Please bear with them while they make the final arrangements.

You may register your interest by emailing We will contact you when all the details are finalised.


May 13th – 15th 2022
Selwood Academy, Berkley Road, Frome, Somerset BA11 2EF

Selwood Academy

Selwood Academy – (photo by Brendan O’Gorman 2016)


Four 5-round Swiss tournaments with 4-hour playing sessions
Please note that all fees and prizes are subject to confirmation. No entries will be accepted at this time.


Grade Limit

Entry Fee*

(not including any
applicable ECF fee
or Junior discount)


None £32 First = £200,  Second = £150, Third = £100
Denys Bonner trophy
Major Under 1950 £23 First = £150,  Second = £125, Third = £90
Leon York memorial trophy
Intermediate Under 1750 £23 First = £150,  Second = £125, Third = £90
Roy Hossell trophy
Minor Under 1500 £23 First = £150,  Second = £125, Third = £90
Cyril Chapman and Jean Mackereth (for ungraded players) trophies

* For late entries after 1st May add £3

ECF Fees

In the Open section there is no charge for Gold or Platinum ECF members.
Otherwise: FIDE registered players with a non-English affiliation £1.50. All other players £11

In all other sections there is no charge for Silver, Gold or Platinum ECF members. Otherwise £9

Junior Discount

There is a £5 discount for all Juniors under 18 on 1st September 2021.

Trophies and Cash Prizes

Somerset trophies are awarded to the highest placed Somerset player in each section.

Dependent on entry, there will be at least one grading prize in each section.
Team prize of £50 for genuine club teams of 4 players.
Except in the Open tournament, no ungraded player may win higher than the value of the third prize.

Playing Schedule

Friday 18.50 Opening
19.00 Round 1
Saturday 10.00 Round 2
15.00 Round 3
Sunday 10.00 Round 4
15.00 Round 5

Players will be defaulted if not present within 30 minutes of start of round.

Rate of Play

All Sections: 90 minutes plus 30 seconds per move from start of game.


A half-point bye may be claimed in any one of Rounds 1,2,3 or 4.


Bookstall and sets supplied by Chess Direct


We hope to provide hot and cold drinks and lunches on-site — to be confirmed.

Grading Information

The January 2022 ECF standardplay  grading list will be used to determine eligiblity for a section.
It is a condition of entry that all entrants agree that their results will be forwarded to the ECF for grading.

Conditions of Entry and Competition Rules

The full Conditions of Entry and Competition Rules are here.

Match versus Sedgemoor 17th Nov

Ok. So this was our second friendly match. We had had to postpone the match twice owing to non-availability of players but finally agreed on a mutually convenient date and Sedgemoor were good enough to visit us.

Joshua Acibar, in his first match for the club. played, as usual, at lightning speed but unfortunately also lost at lightning speed.

Niall won a protracted and fairly close game thanks to a superior pawn count.

Richard won, fortuitously I thought, in a close game when his opponent, playing too quickly, was obliged to continue a move having touched his piece, a rook. Richard was able to fork the King and Rook leaving him a bishop up.

Fernando lost a close game agin showing the advantage of a superior number of pawns.

Arnold, playuing against a much higher rated player fought for and got a draw in a position I thought was lost. Well done Arno;d.

Mike’s game I didn’t see much of and he lost graciously.

Well done Sedgemoor. 3½ v 2½

Wellington Friendly

On Tuesday 12thOct Wellington came over with a 6 man team for a friendly match,there being no official league matches until at least Christmas. Taunton fortunately has a large enough area for us to accommodate a normal club night with a match. I’m curious as to why we continue to call these ‘friendly’ as I did not notice any lack of competetiveness, the last game not finishing until 10.30pm.

Kym, the Wellington Captain and I had tried to ensure a fairly evenly graded pairings, though as it turned out their No 1, Alex was considerably stronger than ours. To be fair Taunton’s top 3 players have not got an official ELO grading, so the placings were a bit arbitrary.

The results were as follows:

Alex Conway (Wellington) beat Richard Hailstone

John Jeremiah lost to Giannis Papaoikonomou

Robert Harris drew with Niall Homer

Ollie Sells lost to David Graham

Rupert Sells lost to Steve Smith

Eric Wall beat Nathanael Tretheway

Final result therefore was Wellington 2.5 – Taunton 3.5

I think most people enjoyed the ‘Over The Board’ experience, so we will be planning some more.

David Graham



Club Reopening

GREAT NEWS – We are reopening the club. Please see below for dates:
Tues, 7th September 2021- current members only
Tues, 14th September 2021 – new starter members
If you haven’t heard from us via email or FB messenger, please get in touch at and we can send you further information and some extra things we have put in place.
Look forward to hearing from you!