Essential Information

We suggest that you visit the club for a couple weeks to see if our club is a good fit for you before making a commitment.

We welcome all ages and any standard of players from 5 years old upwards.

Players under 14 require a parent/guardian to be present.

We are mindful that playing until 22:30 can be a long night for younger players so they are welcome to leave at any time.

The Club charges membership fees to cover our venue hire and other costs.

Annual Membership Rates (2023/24 Season)

Standard Membership (including over 65s):             £70
Juniors (Under 18):                                                      £35
Concession (excluding over 65’s):                               £35
Family (min 1 Adult and 1 Child):                                  £105
Partial Season: On a decreasing scale if joining after 31-Oct-2023 until season end in May.

Please contact Roger Newton, the Treasurer, in person or by email at if you are in any financial difficulty.

(If, however, you decide to remain a non-member then there is a charge of £3 per club night.)

Payment:      Cash or online banking
Once a year (September)
Twice a year (September and January)

Online Banking only
7 times a year – please set up a standing order

Adult:                                     7 X £10 =       £70.00
Child and concessions:         7 X £5 =         £35
Family:                                   7 X £15 =       £105


Taunton Chess Club belongs to the English Chess Federation (ECF) and Somerset County Chess Association (SCCA). We currently have one team playing in SCCA Division 2 and one in SCCA Division 3. We also run a graded internal competition. All the played games results are rated on the ECF system. Therefore each competitor must become member of ECF if they wish to play in any of these competitions.

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