2017/2018 – Division 2 Fixtures / Results

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19/9/17 Tu Taunton - Wellington 3 – 1 (Review)
17/10/17 Tu Taunton - Yeovil 2 – 2
2/11/17 Th Chard/Ilminster - Taunton 2 – 2
14/11/17 Tu Taunton - Glastonbury 3½ – ½
12/12/17 Tu Taunton - Wells 1 – 3
17/1/18 W Wellington - Taunton 2 – 3
30/1/18 Tu Taunton - Weston 3½ – ½
27/3/18 Tu Taunton - Sedgemoor ½ – 3½
2/4/18 M Sedgemoor - Taunton 4 – 0 (Match defaulted)
11/4/18 W Wells - Taunton 4 – 0 (Match defaulted)
24/4/18 Tu Taunton - Chard/Ilminster 2 – 1 (3 boards played)
30/4/18 M Glastonbury - Taunton 3 – 1 (Review)
2/5/18 W Yeovil - Taunton 3½ – ½ (Review)
10/5/18 Th Weston - Taunton (Postponed from 5/10)

2014 Division Two Fixtures and Results

2013 Division Two fixtures

Division Two – 2012 Fixtures

Somerset Division Two - Fixtures 2012/13
Date Home Team Score v Score Away Team
Tue 9th Oct Taunton v Sedgemoor
Wed 10th Oct Wellington v Chard/Ilminster
Thu 11th Oct Weston-Super-Mare v Yeovil
Mon 22nd Oct Glastonbury v Taunton
Thu 25th Oct Chard/Ilminster v Weston-Super-Mare
Thu 25th Oct Sedgemoor v Wellington
Wed 7th Nov Wellington v Glastonbury
Wed 7th Nov Yeovil v Chard/Ilminster
Thu 8th Nov Weston-Super-Mare v Sedgemoor
Mon 19th Nov Glastonbury v Weston-Super-Mare
Tue 20th Nov Taunton v Wellington
Thu 22nd Nov Sedgemoor v Yeovil
Wed 5th Dec Yeovil v Glastonbury
Thu 6th Dec Chard/Ilminster v Sedgemoor
Thu 6th Dec Weston-Super-Mare v Taunton
Mon 17th Dec Glastonbury v Chard/Ilminster
Wed 19th Dec Yeovil v Taunton
Wed 19th Dec Wellington v Weston-Super-Mare
Wed 9th Jan Yeovil v Wellington
Thu 10th Jan Chard/Ilminster v Taunton
Thu 10th Jan Sedgemoor v Glastonbury
Wed 23rd Jan Yeovil v Weston-Super-Mare
Thu 24th Jan Chard/Ilminster v Wellington
Thu 24th Jan Sedgemoor v Taunton
Tue 5th Feb Taunton v Glastonbury
Wed 6th Feb Wellington v Sedgemoor
Thu 7th Feb Weston-Super-Mare v Chard/Ilminster
Mon 18th Feb Glastonbury v Wellington
Thu 21st Feb Chard/Ilminster v Yeovil
Thu 21st Feb Sedgemoor v Weston-Super-Mare
Wed 6th Mar Wellington v Taunton
Wed 6th Mar Yeovil v Sedgemoor
Thu 7th Mar Weston-Super-Mare v Glastonbury
Mon 18th Mar Glastonbury v Yeovil
Tue 19th Mar Taunton v Weston-Super-Mare
Thu 21st Mar Sedgemoor v Chard/Ilminster
Tue 2nd Apr Taunton v Yeovil
Thu 4th Apr Chard/Ilminster v Glastonbury
Thu 4th Apr Weston-Super-Mare v Wellington
Mon 15th Apr Glastonbury v Sedgemoor
Tue 16th Apr Taunton v Chard/Ilminster
Wed 17th Apr Wellington v Yeovil