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note – this is all subject to change, but here is the latest from Mike –

Somerset Cup:

We were suppose to play in the Somerset Cup final on Monday, 8th April 2013. Due to several players unable to make it we are trying to sort out a day in May. I suggested 13th and 20th May but Tony Ransom said that most of Trowbridge players will be playing in Frome the weekend before and therefore unable to play on the 13th. It looks like it’ll be the 20th May.

Tony Ransom suggested to play in Frome but I am adamant that this isn’t going to happen. Taunton has been awarded a home match for the final and therefore will NOT travel 1,5h to Frome to play the Somerset Cup final. I said if the want to play on a Tuesday then they will have to play in Taunton. I explained to Tony that we are happy to travel to Glastonbury as it’s the halfway venue for both teams.