Div1 Match Report – Taunton v Frome

We all know the Supreme Team of Chess Playing Gods that is Taunton’s Division One Chess team, is, er, supreme, and er.. god-like, but I don’t think Taunton has ever put out such a strong team as we did for this match. Had Mark been available to play (even gods get ill, or choose to watch Arsenal beat minnows), then you’d need to be 180+ to even get in the team. Without bothering to check, I think this would eliminate probably 99.9% of all other Div1 players from the team.

Yeah baby! This rocks! Strongest Taunton Div 1 team ever! Yeah! Bring it on!

And why are we fielding such a strong team? Surely some vital, must-win match?

This is Taunton’s last Division 1 match for the 2013/4 season, and despite pawnstar’s enthusiastic hawkings, the reality is Taunton had already clinched the Division 1 title on goal difference. This makes the Frome match a ‘dead rubber’.

There are no positive connotations to that phrase, with all of them ranging from erasory issues right though to prophylactic failures. None are good.

So we approached our seemingly pointless final Div 1 game, with the strongest team ever, and so long as we avoid a somewhat unlikely 10-0 defeat, then the Div 1 title is ours. Of course, as always, we wanted to win in style and put ourselves clearly top.

Frome is a gazzilion miles away from everywhere, especially Taunton, and it took ages to get there. There was some sort of police disturbance with the blues and no-twos going strong nearby. We heard rumours it was a gypsy problem… in Gypsy Lane. Really? Are they that unimaginative?

Anyway, we all turned up roughly on time, including new Taunton chess club member, Carl. The team was Carl, Ben, Dave, Mike, Nick and James.

We settled down to play and they finished roughly like this –


Board 3: D Littlejohns 1 v Frome Player 0
This game had all the hallmarks of a Dave classic – e.g. after the frst half hour, the game was still in the early opening stage, and even after an hour, no major pieces had left the back rank. And Dave, after 1 hour and 14 mins of play, felt he had a slight edge, with his pawn structure giving him slightly more space. Black’s fag fell shortly after, giving Dave the win! (I suppose for accuracy, it should be pointed out Dave’s opponent didn’t turn up and he won by default..)

Next was Ben –

Board 2: G Jepps 0 v B Edgell 0
This looked like a quiet, boring opening, with white eventually exchanging two minors for a rook. Ultimately this proved his downfall and Ben converted the win nicely.

Then was Mike –

Board 3: C Fewtrell 0 v M Richardt 1
Mike defended properly under some pressure from White’s K-side pressure, and then converted the winning endgame into, er, a win.

And now Carl, Taunton’s newest member –

Board 1: C Bicknell 1 v C Purry 0
Comments are from Carl in game, but a good win, well played, and secured the match for Taunton.

Next was James, who drew against the same player recently, was looking to win following that result.

Board 6: G Berryman 0 v J Byrne 0
A long struggle, eventually going our way!

Finally was Nick. Just one more win needed to for 6-0 scoreline!

Board 5: N Wilson 1/2 v R Williams 1/2
What a shocker! Nick managed to miss a win earlier (e.g. 24. Qd7 Qd7 25. Ne4 wins clearly), and then botched a +10.2 eval on move 29. Nick says “I’d seen Rxe6 looked like winning, but thought I’d slip in Bh6 first to stop it being en-prise and making the Rxe6 combo simpler. But in a chess-blindness issue had stupidly not seen Black’s queen could now go to g4, forcing the exchange. The rest of the game might have been won for white, but rather than thinking clearly, I was still kicking myself for not playing Rxe6 first. This moaning then continued all the way home, as Dave (trapped, as the only passenger in the car), will testify…”

So with that pathetic offering from Nick, the final score was 5.5 – 0.5.

It has to be said that rarely is a 5.5 – 0.5 crushing victory, actually slightly disappointing, but that’s how it felt with Nick spoiling the 6-0 party.

Anyway, Taunton now are clearly Div 1 champions!! For the fourth time!

Time to party – and party we did – check this out – late night MaccyDs – yeah we know how to party big time!

Here is a piccy of the event. Sadly Carl couldn’t make it, but I must be honest – we had a digital artist superimpose him in the picture…

Taunton celebrate Division One victory!

Taunton celebrate Division One victory!

Well played Taunton!

Now for the Somerset Cup!!

– pawnstar

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