Taunton are Division One Champions for 2014!

Last night, Taunton beat Frome 5.5 – 0.5 to cement their Division One Championship, and emerge as clear victors (pedants will note we technically already had won (on goal difference), but this victory puts us points clear at the top).

Great wins from everyone (apart from Nick, who managed to convert a superior +7.7 computer analysis to a draw  – is this a record??).

Match report to follow (when everyone send in their .pgns..)


– pawnstar


One thought on “Taunton are Division One Champions for 2014!

  1. hmm, I did it once the other way: I won a game with white despite the fact that the computer showed at one point I was down -20, however we both had to blitz at the time and there was only one sequence for a clear win!!!

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