Taunton v Glastonbury 15-10-13 Match Report

Tuesday 15th October 2013

Match Report – Taunton v Glastonbury

Ok, the season has now started. Slowly the match calendar creaks and groans into life and the traditional Division One season opener looms – yes, its the dreaded Glastonbury match. Why dreaded I hear you ask? (well, actually you’d only be asking if you’d never read any of the previous opener match reports..). Well, its dreaded due to many moons ago, and I know you’ll find this hard to believe, but Taunton’s Division One team was a little, er, cocky. Back then, we brashly settled down to routinely crush a much weaker Glastonbury team, only to be stunned as one by one, our gods fell at the hands of mortals. Yes, that historical loss still hurts, and the only benefit is it gives me an easy opening paragraph to this match report…

Well, not this year. We’ve learned our lesson and won’t be over-confident. So MikeR arranged a team. A quick bit of maths showed we had a average grade of 185, and even board 6 was 177. Wow! Has there ever been a Division One team so strong, mighty and embigenned? We are going to crush them! This is going to be amazing! 6-0 anyone? Bring it on!!

arrgh.. no .. wait… Its happening again! Must.. not… be.. overconfident.. one game at a time… etc…

Anyway, match night came around, and two things happened which, I stress are not connected in anyway whatsoever. Firstly, England’s vital final Euro 2014 qualifying match v Poland was scheduled for the same night. Secondly, Terry phoned in to say he was (and try to keep a straight face while you read this).. sick, and couldn’t make it tonight…

So, Alex was drafted in at the last minute – thanks Alex.

Glastonbury turned up with the usual mix of Millfield pupils, Sedgemoor players, Grandmasters and a token Glastonbury player. (normally, I’d make some edgy quip about origins of players and teams, but seeing as we have a German, a Cornishman, and a Sedgie in our team, maybe we’ll pass on this… the teams are perfectly cromulent as they are)

Ok, on to the games.

Pawnstar was distracted through much of the match (busy trying to keep up with the England – Poland match), and so whilst the games are accurate, the order of finishing is a mystery, so I’ve just listed them in board order. Also, Dave and Alex haven’t sent their .pgns to me, so their game reports are partly based on my unimaginative imagination…

Board One – Matthew Turner 1 v Ben Edgell 0
Ben, recently promoted to the ‘200 club’ found himself up against a GM… and to think we’d earlier said to Taunton-resident, Mickey Adams, don’t bother turning up, you won’t get a good game… Anyway, the game started and looked like a beginners game with a Giuoco Piano (sp?). Things looked pretty equal until Ben lost a pawn, then a piece, and then the game.

Board Two – Dave Littlejohns 0.5 v Stephen Whatley 0.5
No game score here, but you’d assume this was a dreary, exchange-laden draw. Dave might supply the moves to disprove this, but I’m not holding out much hope… Mind you, Dave’s opponent was quite young, and its always scary playing rapidly-improving youngsters, so perhaps Dave got off lightly with a draw?

Board Three – Cosima Keen 0.5 v Mark Hassall 0.5
Another young player for Mark. This also was a draw, but there seemed signs of life in this one.

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Board Four – Mike Richardt 1 v Neville Senior 0
A nice win from Mike – who supplied the game and comments here –

Board Five – Martin Willis 0 v Nick Wilson 1
Nick outgraded his opponent by a large margin, and in such circumstances you must ensure two things – firstly win(!), and secondly, try to do it in as flashy way as possible! Well I’m saddened to report that Nick failed in one of these two objectives. Yes, he won, but missed a golden opportunity for flashyness – a Queen sac leading to mate – namely 42. .. Qxg2+!!, followed by Ra1+ and Bxe4 mate! Shameful.

Board Six – Alex Conway 1 v George Galliano 0
Alex applied good kingside pressure, winning a pawn and a controlling position, which lead to victory. Well played.

Final Score – Taunton win 4-2!

Great start to the season and not tripping up at this first hurdle!

Well played everyone!

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