2013 Taunton Club Championship fixtures

From Mike –

After the County Jamboree Martin drew the names out of the Somerset Cup trophy and therefore allocated the starting order for the players.

We have 8 players in the Open section. The names are equal the starting numbers:

1. Mike Richardt
2. Martin Worrall
3. Jorge Pineda-Langford
4. Terry Stuttard
5. Stan Wojcik
6. Nick Wilson
7. Mark Hassall
8. Jerry Kilby

Please find the pairings for the tournament here:

There is a mistake with Terry Stuttard’s rating but that hasn’t got any influence of the pairings!!!

Rules for the tournament.
1. Rate of play is 35 moves in 75 minutes then 15 mins. to finish.
2. Results to be notified to controllers (MWR) after the game either via email or phone (07532 305500) or in person.
3. Games can be played outside the club by agreement subject to rule 2.
4. All games will be submitted for grading at the end of the season.
5. The white player has to make contact and initiate the game.

Ok, there is no time frame for each round. All 7 (seven) games have to be played by Wednesday 30. April 2014!!!

@Nick: Is there a chance you can put this on our website under the club championship?

All clear and understandable? Any questions/queries please use the usual channels to contact me!!!

Mike Richardt

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