Div2 Taunton v Chard match report

This just in from Martin –

Match Report: Taunton vs Chard/ Illminster 7th May 2013
This was our final match of the season. It was a re-arranged fixture from a few weeks previous when Chard – who only have 8 members in their club – couldn’t raise a team.

The situation was that if we could win by a score of 5-1 or better, then we would leap frog Chard into second place. Yeovil had already won the division by a clear 3 points. (If only we had done better in our Wellington match and hadn’t had a group shocker against said Yeovil…)

I arrived at room M4 for the last time (We are in room D2 from next week) at 7.25 to find all the boards set up an a few Taunton players chatting and playing. As it transpired Chard had only 5 players anyway and then another one dropped out at the last minute. They decided not to play and forfeited the match to us 6-0.

So we move into second place in the division. Of course it’s not the way any team would like to win a match let alone move up the league but what can you do? There seems to have been a lot of default matches this season, I’m sure the point will be made at the upcoming Somerset AGM. It must be said that Taunton hasn’t defaulted any matches (er.. not sure if that is 100% accurate – see here, regarding Div3 – pawnstar), and only defaulted one board all season, which was a last minute unavoidable situation during our first match in October.

Amazingly Mark Hassall was scheduled to play for us 4 times this season but each time events got in the way and hasn’t actually got a game!

Thank you to everyone who turned up. At least we got in a few knock-a-bout games in our final night in room M4. Next week we have to move our equipment and seek out room D2.
Overall I think the best team won the Division. Yeovil constantly put out a high graded team and we sometimes struggled to get a strong player one board one which means everyone plays one board higher and therefore can find it a little more tricky than usual. Over the course of a season this makes a difference and at the end of the day every team usually finishes up where they deserve.
The number of team default wins across the division is a concern, we’ll see what happens next year.
Next season Chard/Ill have suggested they may not enter a team in Division 2 due to their lack of players. It’s also worth noting that the system for grades will change again. Whereas this year it was a team average of 145 or under, next season it will be one player only over 165, and then everyone else under 165. This should cause less problems than the current system.
Thank you to everyone who played in Division 2 this season. Second place is an improvement over 5th place last year. The team done good.

Also: Farewell to room M4. You have been good to us. Always warm, always light, and for the most part nice and quiet. Oh yes and free. I hope D2 (which is a square on a chess board! There must be a pun in there somewhere) is up for the challenge.

Cup final on Monday 20th May at Glastonbury, and the Somerset AGM on Monday 3rd June, again at Glastonbury. Should be interesting this year after all the grading fun and games.
Martin Div. 2 Captain”

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