Match Report – Taunton v Glastonbury

Thanks to Mike for this match report –

4-2 win against bottom of the league Glastonbury

As a team captain it isn’t easy to assemble a team week in week out. Well, at least once a month. Despite the fact that the date are usually know well in advance life gets in the way of playing chess and as a team captain this isn’t a good thing.
I explain what I mean: When booking my 3-4 days off in Rome I realised I couldn’t be playing against Glastonbury. So a nice talk with my wife and we postponed the holiday by 24h and flew the next day. Well, not sure if my wife was happy about but it meant I could play chess. The downside was that when we turned up in Rome the weather was typical English: It was raining cats and dogs and I am on exaggerating. The heaven opened its doors just to punish me? or the freshly resigned Pope? We’ll never find out.
Nick on the other hand did it the right way. He didn’t try to explain to his wife that chess is a too important part of his life so he went onto his scheduled skiing trip and missed the match.
In the end I had the following players at my disposal: Ben Edgell, Mark Hassall, Dave Littlejohns, Mike Richardt (me), Stan Wojcik and Martin Worrall.

When turning up at Glastonbury Tor Leisure Centre we had the usual mix of Glastonbury players and Millfield youngsters and their GM coach Matthew Turner. Millfield was missing ther star player on that evening: Nikita Ayvazyan, only 14 years old but he has an impressive ECF rating already.

As this match was well over a week ago I can’t remember all positions and the order they finished:

I think First to finish was Dave Littlejohns on board 3:
Dave Littlejohns – Roger Morgan 1/2 – 1/2
Dave has a sticker of season this year and once the rot has started it’s not easy to stop it. So a quick solid draw with white is probably what the doctor had ordered.

Martin was next and he was up against one of the Millfield juniors who hasn’t even a grade yet.
Carlos Guzman – Martin Worrall 0 – 1
Martin played one of his Sicilian lines and had a nice advantage after the opening. In the middle game Martin won a piece for 1 or two pawns and the rest was good technique on his part.

Stan was next against Tristan West.

Stan Wojcik – Tristan West 1/2 – 1/2
I think this was Stan’s 3rd encounter with Tristan this season and the scores before the game were equal 1-1. Stan played his usual London System and the was equal for the whole game, so a draw was agreed in the late middle game.

With the scores 2 – 1 in our favour it was my turn to bring home my full point.

George Galliano – Mike Richardt 0 – 1
I played the French opening, as I sometimes do, and didn’t had the best of positions after the opening. In the middle game, where I thought I had some initiative against White’s isolated d-pawn I missed a really good move from George and suddenly I was on the back foot when we entered the endgame. Luckily George play the endgame not very accurate and I was able to advance my position into a winning one. A lucky point for me but in the end it’s the point what counts not how you got there.

Only half a point needed and Ben was the next to finish.

Ben Edgell – Neville Senior 1 – 0
Ben played an interesting opening and I wasn’t sure if that was all sound. On the way home Ben assured me that it was all fine for white; I am still not convinced!!! Anyway the game was quite dull for most part of the game but when the blitz phase arrived, due to time shortage of both players, the position heated up and Ben had a won position after the time control. Neville resigned shortly after reaching the time control.

With the match won it was down to Mark to finish the match off in style.
Cosima Keen – Mark Hassall 1/2 – 1/2
I think this game had an interesting middle game with plenty of tactical and positional options and the youngster from Millfield played it quite well. At some point I thought Mark was worse but that might have just been my imagination. With the match won a draw was agreed which both players deserved.

4,5 – 1,5 was the final result and we are well on course for our next division 1 title.
I have to apologise for the lack of commentated game in this report but life got in the way this time. Also as I am writing this report we have already secured the Division 1 title with a win against Frome. Hopefully one of my team members can write a little report as I wasn’t playing in that fixture.

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