Div 2 Taunton v Chard

Match report from Martin –

Match Report
10/1/13 Chard/Ill vs Taunton Div 2
Again at 7.00pm we are racing through the Somerset night to another chess away match. Hang on, we seem to be doing that a lot. In fact I believe all our Div 2 matches been away this season. Well it seems like it anyway.
A good team, but not the strongest possible from a grading point of view. I wasn’t sure we could win it but I thought a draw would be a good result. Due to our excellent start to the season (5 matches, 4 wins and 1 loss.) we had to draw at least.
Have a look at the people and grading match ups and see if you can predict the outcome
A Wong 178 v D Littlejohns 180
E Cole 142 v SWojcik 143
P Chapman 139 v M Worrall 139
P Brown 133 v R Challoner 139
T Lawrence 123 v M Ward 94
J Webb 120 v V McAndrew 93

As always I cannot analyse others games as well as other report writers but here goes in the order they finished.

Wong v Littlejohns (w)
Dave won the exchange and thought he was winning but winning the exchange came at the price of 2 pawns which cancelled out any advantage. Wong offered a draw a couple of times which Dave accepted. 0.5 v 0.5 All

Brown (w) v Challoner
In the car on the way Robin said he likes to start with Nf3 as it can transpose into a Sicilian. He was playing black but White started with Nf3 and Robin transposed into a Sicilian. Robin said afterwards white didn’t offer much resistance and it was a straight forward win for Black. Taunton 1.5 v 0.5 up

Lawrence v Ward (w)
Didn’t see much of this game, but I think Mike went into his current favourite Torre Attack. It’s never easy playing anyone 27 grading points higher than yourself (at any level). Once your opponent has an advantage it’s difficult to claw it back. Mike lost in the end, but put up a good fight and he felt he had chances of a better result. 1.5 v 1.5 All

Webb (w) v McAndrew
As with Mike, Vic was 29 grading points lower than his opponent. I saw a little of this game and at the Tea and sugar (with a bit of biscuit in the middle) break Vic was struggling a little. Open king, down a pawn, less space. Vic fought on put up a good defence but lost in the end, but I get the feeling Vic was quite pleased with his play. It happens like this sometimes. If you play someone nearly 30 grading points higher than yourself, you wouldn’t really expect to win, but if you can put up a good defence with some chances and get past the time control and make the other player struggle a little it’s actually some encouragement for future games. Taunton down 2.5 v 1.5

Chapman v Worrall (w)
Well, what a game this was. At the tea and biscuit-shaped-sugar break all other games had played 22-26 moves and well into the middle game or even the endgame. We had played 8 moves. Still in the opening it was very tense as neither of us wanted to make the smallest mistake. Both of us were improvising from move 4. White first 3 moves were e4, d4, f4, and black’s d6, c6, Nf6. Black made a small mistake and lost a piece for a pawn but huge pressure on the dark squares at the heart of whites position. After more careful slow positioning, the time scramble started at around move 20!!
The intense -just move anything- scramble started at move 30. Black made a last gasp pawn push with check to make the time control. I had one minute left and Chapman had atoms left, as I think that’s all that was holding up his flag! In fact from one angle I’m sure his flag was hovering in mid air! After the dust had settled and some careful queen and rook positioning by white, black resigned. We had queen, rook and 3 pawns each but I was a strong bishop and safe king against open king up so black resigned. Great game. 2.5 v 2.5 All

Cole (w) v Wojcik
In a slight anti-climax I cannot say too much about this game as I didn’t really see any of it. In a calm manner it was announced Stan had won with an endgame sacrifice. And so in a gentle way we won the match. 3.5 v 2.5 Taunton win

Great stuff. Now 6 matches, 5 wins, 1 loss. We are top of Div 2 on 10 points with Yeovil on 8 points with a game in hand.
Next match 24th Jan and it’s …what a surprise…. Another away match at Sedgemoor.

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