Bishops v Glastonbury

We went to Glastonbury with our secret weapon. Chris Greenaway. Normally I play on top board and am outgraded and lose. Our usual top board, Jerry, only plays home matches, so Chris had kindly volunteered to play for us.

So we arrive and three of them are graded 108 and one 107, so a fairly good team for Div 3. Chris is about 126, I’m 100 and Mike Ward and Vic are in the 70s.

We’ll lose 3-1 I thought.

Chris won easily, I lost easily having messed up the opening, recovering and then blundering. Vic seemed to be level pegging with Roger F and when I looked again he was 3 pawns down in the endgame. Mike meanwhile had a Queen for a Rook advantage against Barry but couldn’t seem to break through and was fairly short on time and it was the last game to finish. We were all watching of course. Thankfully our telepathy worked and despite nearly being mated by Rook and Knight with his King in a confined space he pulled a win out of the bag just in time.

A 2-2 draw and an excellent result. Last year we lost 3-1.

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