Somerset Junior Chess Grandprix no. 3


It’s seems a long time since we last attended a grandprix game, with sickness causing us to miss the second one just before Christmas and the snow postponing the 3rd.

This time there were a few new faces gracing the boards of the u12’s row, which were really good!

Game 1 & 2 went well with a win.

Game 3 – was a new face and a longer game with his opponent touching his Queen by accident forcing him to move undefending the rook which Nathanael was attacking.  Nathanael declined three offers of a draw from his opponent, then later he, himself offered a draw which was rejected.  A small error at the end on Nathanael’s part resulted in a loss.  (regrets not accepting the draw!)

Game 4 – was a close game, both having lost to Nathanael’s opponent in game 3 so it was inevitable that they would play each other.  Unfortunately it was another loss.

Game 5 – another loss .

Game 6 – a WIN.

All in all he finished with 3 points which was a decent result against some good players.

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