Bishops at Glastonbury

Well, we made it on time. I put Chris on Board 1 as I felt he was the strongest player. I was on Board 2 playing Black despite occasionally throughout the day imagining that I was playing white and thinking up cunning plans. Mike Ward went on 3 and Vic on 4.

Mike and Vic were well outgraded by 30 points each so I was not expecting them do do well even though Mike had beaten Roger Fenton several times before. True enough they both seemed to be apiece down mid-way through their games and subsequently lost.

Chris seemed to have a very strong position with his opponent taking a long time over his moves. I think Chris then eased up a bit or lost concentration and after one mistake lost the game. Oh dear, 3-0 down and only David to finish. The combined power of two knights and the queen put a big enough spanner in white’s works to enable David to win, though he didn’t play the end-game very well and his opponent had chances.

Anyway, a 3-1 loss was not a bad result. We’ve done better and we’ve done worse.

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