Bishops triumph at Weston

Normally when we go to Weston Super Mare to play chess in January it is pouring with rain and parking is a real problem.

On Thursday 10th David Graham, Vic McAndrew, Mike Ward, and Steve Smith arrived at Weston Conservative Club (boo) and being slightly early had a drink which we took upstairs to meet the Weston Bishops.

We were outgraded yet again their team grade summing to 424 and ours to 351. Oh well I thought at best we will lose 3-1 as Vic and his opponent were quite closely matched.

So there I was struggling to avoid a catastrophic Knight fork,  giving up a Rook for the Knight, when I noticed Steve was a piece up. He’s been here before and lost was my immediate, rather unkind thought. Mike seemed to have opened up his opponent’s King and had a couple of useful looking aggressive Rooks. Vic’s game looked quite even.

On the point of resigning I thought he’d missed an easy mate so kept going and to my surprise he then gave me a Rook for a Bishop and then lost a Bishop to my Rook fork. (See game here). Shortly after that he resigned.

Meanwhile Mike had pushed home his advantage and won (see game here), Steve had hung on to his extra piece and won and Vic had worn down his opponent and won.

Yippee! Taunton Bishops achieve their first win of the season with a 4-0 whitewash. I think the neologism ‘Episcopicide’ might be appropriate.Well done team and special congratulations to Steve Smith for his first win in a match this season.


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