Club Champ Round 2 Draw

Board White Black
1 Nick Wilson v Mark Hassall
2 Dave Littlejohns v Jerry Kilby
3 Vic McAndrew v Mike Richardt
4 Martin Worrall v John Anderson
5 Stan Wojcik v Steve Smith
6 Mike Ward v Dave Graham
7 Mike Watson v Bye *

* Note – due to Terry withdrawing, there is an odd number of players, and currently this means there will be a bye each round. However, I think there will be a last minute addition to the entrants – watch this space, and Mike (Watson), please note you may get a game this round – we will be in touch!

The first round finishes on 4th December 2012. All results need to be reported by this date.

Rules for the tournament.
1. Rate of play is 35 moves in 75 minutes then 15 mins. to finish.
2. Games to be played by or, on the last Tues. within the timeframe provided by the controller.
3. Results to be notified to controllers (MWR) after the game either via email or phone (07532 305500) or in person.
4. Games can be played outside the club by agreement subject to rule 3.
5. All games will be submitted for grading at the end of the season.
6. The white player has to make contact and initiate the game.

A list of player’s emails addresses and telephone numbers are on the Taunton Chess Club website. If you need the password for the members’ only area please contact Nick Wilson.

If you have any questions/queries please do not hesitate to contact me via the usual channels!!!

Mike Richardt

3 thoughts on “Club Champ Round 2 Draw

  1. I had the first result of the second round:

    Mike Ward – Dave Graham 1-0

    Well done to Mike for the win. I didn’t see the game but Mike told me that Dave gifted him the Queen which made life much easier!!!!

  2. ok, two more results:

    Nick Wilson – Mark Hassall 0-1
    Vic McAndrew – Mike Richardt 0-1

    Outstanding games are:
    Dave Littlejohns – Jerry Kilby
    Stan Wojcik – Steve Smith

    One more week to complete the round.

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