Taunton Bishops v Taunton Knights.

The Bishops entertained the Knights Tuesday 06/11/2018. Teams lined up as follows.
Board 1 Martyn Maber White v Jerry Kilby Black
Board 2 Stan Wojcik Black v MD
Board 3 Fredrik Carpelan White v Mike Ward Black.
Board 4 Steve Smith Black v Vic McAndrew White.

Board 4. White getting the upper hand early on applying Pressure on Blacks Kingside resulting in a loss of a Rook. After the Queens came off White managed to get both Rooks on Blacks back Rank and Black eventually succumbed 1-0 Bishops.

Board 3, Fredrik playing his first game of the season was up against Bishops stalwart Mike Ward. Fredrik got off to a strong start. Move 21 d6 won Blacks Bishop, unable to take Bishop on move 22 as Whites Queen on prix played Queen c3 Blacks King had to give up Bishop or lose his Queen to discovered check Pawn e6. Move 25 White blundered a Bishop back to Black game even. The endgame was set up for a close finish either player with winning chances. Both players with Pawns and a Knight. White outplaying Black in the endgame using his Knight to good effect. Bishops 1 Knights 1.

Board 1, Martyn opened with London Opening. Move 16 Black blundered a central Pawn weakening his centre giving White the initiative. All four Bishops off early, Whites central Knights more effective picking up undefended Pawns. Move 27 White miscalculated looking likely to loose a Knight but finding Queen c4 forcing the Queens off. It was now a race to Queen a pawn which White won. Knights 2-1.

On to Board 2, Stan comfortably out grading Moises found a player in good form. A tactical battle. Black not castling playing his King from a central position. As the game progressed Blacks King was exposed to Whites Queen and two Rooks Black defending well having to find the correct moves got his King to safety. Black played a strong end game winning a Rook with mounting pressure. White trying to find the correct moves was using up a lot of time and eventually his Flag fell.

Knights 3 Bishops 1.

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