Bishops v Sedgemoor

The good news is that the Bishops managed to get four players to an away match, at the right venue and on time. Thanks to Wendy Overshott for driving Vic and Ken.

Outgraded on the top three boards, David and Moises lost narrowly and Vic by a larger margin I think.

When I asked Ken to play, his response was “Are you desparate?”. Seeing as it is quite difficult to get players to play away¬† ( at chess, that is) I said “Yes” and he said ” Oh all right then I’ll play.”

He played Patrick Warren, who is an all-out attacker and when I asked Ken how it was going he said “Not good.”. However, a few minutes later the attack seemed to have petered out and Ken was apiece or two up. He went on to win.

So the bad news is that we lost 3-1. Better than 4-0 but not a lot.

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