Club Championship – Round One Draw

Board White Black
1 Mark Hassall v Martin Worrall
2 Dave Graham v Dave Littlejohns
3 Mike Richardt v Mike Ward
4 Vic McAndrew v Terry Stuttard
5 Nick Wilson v Mike Watson
6 John Anderson v Stan Wojcik
7 Jerry Kilby v Steve Smith

The first round finishes on 30th October 2012. All results need to be reported by this date.

I don’t expect any upsets in the first round but who knows. Jerry Kilby – Steve Smith might not happen as Steve might be still in Malawi due to his volunteer work and might have to default the first round. But I will contact Jerry as he has no internet and explain the situation. Steve was happy to default the first round if he can’t make it in the proposed time frame below.

Rules for the tournament.
1. Rate of play is 35 moves in 75 minutes then 15 mins. to finish.
2. Games to be played by or, on the last Tues. within the timeframe provided by the controller.
3. Results to be notified to controllers (MWR) after the game either via email or phone (07532 305500) or in person.
4. Games can be played outside the club by agreement subject to rule 3.
5. All games will be submitted for grading at the end of the season.
6. The white player has to make contact and initiate the game.

4 thoughts on “Club Championship – Round One Draw

  1. 1. I must have made a spelling mistake as Mark’s surname has 2 l’s (Hassall).

    2. When reporting the result you can post them here as well and I can pick them up from here.

    3. I guess Nick would be more than happy to publish any games here if you send him your game in pgn. I haven’t spoken to Nick about it but I know it’s possible and quite easy to do for Nick!!!! :-) *sorry Nick for causing more work for you*

    Not quite sure where those games would appear to be honest. Any ideas??

    • Corrected Mark’s name, thanks.

      Yes – happy and easy to publish games – either email me a photo of the scoresheet, or better still, send a .PGN file to me. To make a PGN, you normally need to play through the game in some chess software (in player v player mode, or analyse game mode), and then export the game as a PGN. You can enter player’s names, and other data too. Thanks.

  2. Hi. Thanks to Mike for organising the competition again. It’s a minor point but it may be worth mentioning that on the 5 tuesdays running up to and including the 30th October -last date for playing round 1 games- there are four league matches. Two are 1st division and one each in the 2nd and 3rd, and another Div2 match on a Monday. Of course all rounds will clash with some league matches except maybe the final round so it’s probably a moot point. Could these get in the way of some of the games being played? Probably not but I thought I should mention it. Martin

  3. I will see how players are able to play their games. If players have a problem playing their games I can always extend the deadline by one week or so. I was usually reasonably flexible in the past so I think I will adopt the same policy this year!

    Thanks for both of your replies.
    Regarding the games we might send in: Is is possible to put a link up next to the players names so that it shows something like: Board White Black Game

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