2012 Lightning Comp – Result and Report

The 2012 Lightning Competition took place last Tuesday (18th Sept). The event was very well attended with 11 players taking part in this recently re-instigated event.

The event was based around a 10-second buzzer system whereby moves have to be made as the buzzer sounds. It is unexpectedly frustrating/challenging as frequently you either want to move faster (in the case of obvious moves) or slower (when complex positions arise). A further factor is that the pre-recorded buzzes run out (intentionally I assume?) after 36 moves, and games need to be adjudicated at that point.

Scoring favours quick wins, with 3 points for a win within 36 moves, 2 points for an adjudicated win, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for any loss. Due to having 11 players, there was a bye each round, and we’d planned an all-play all system (time allowing). Mike Ward dusted off his archaic tape recorder and slotted in his trusty C-60 (people under the age of 30 will have no-idea what I’m talking about here..) and the buzzing was under way.

Rounds were played pretty quickly and its fair to say most games were fun and blunder-filled. Towards the end of the evening, it was clear we wouldn’t have enough time to complete a full all-play-all, and two rounds were left out.

Most games went according to expectations and grade, but a few unexpected results were John Anderson beating Jerry, Vic and MikeW managing to hold off Mike Richardt for the 36 moves (something Nick failed to do), and Nick beating Ben. Apologies if I missed any others of note.

The final top three scores on the night were –

Pos Name Score
1= Mike Richardt 21
1= Nick Wilson 21
3 Ben Edgell 20

A play-off was considered, but due to time constraints Nick and Mike agreed to share the title.

The following morning, while authoring this report, I tried to recreate the score cards of the top three, and it seems there is a mistake in Nick’s scorecard – he’d been awarded 3 points for his win over Ben, but it wasn’t within the 36 moves, and therefore should only be 2, thus taking his score to 20, and meaning Mike is the overall winner.

Congratulations Mike!

Any many thanks to all those who came along to make this event work. Plans are already underway for next year’s event..

5 thoughts on “2012 Lightning Comp – Result and Report

  1. Thanks to Mike Ward for organising the evening. I hope we can do it again. Perhaps at the end of the season??
    I’ve added a comment to the picture I’m in where I snatch defeat from the jaws of victory!

  2. Twas a pity we could not play all the rounds,(in the Lightning) due to lack of time. However a suggestion; that we play 2 smaller groups ie 5/6 or 7/8 with 5 or 7 rounds, with a play-off between each winner for the trophy.
    If there were 2 in any group with the same score we could have group play-off (1 game) to see who plays in the final!
    With 4 games an hour we should have enough time (with a prompt start!) to finish in one evening, even with play-offs!?
    Perhaps we could try this sometime in the season when we have a spare night?
    Mike Ward.

  3. PPS to earlier post. If you wish to play more moves I have 2 further tapes of 40(13 mins) and 50(17 mins) moves!?
    If anyone wishes to try them out I am quite happy to bring them along.
    Mike Ward.

  4. The other option is that we use our digital clock and play the ’10sec per move option’!!!
    After each move the clock goes back to 10 secs per move. If you are not quick enough a flag appears and you have lost on time.
    The good thing is that you can play your move quicker then the 10 secs you have!!!

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