Yeovil v Taunton Div.2

On Wednesday the 2nd May Mike Wards Division 2 team travelled to Yeovil. The Team Stan board 1 White, Martyn board 2 Black, Matthew board 3 White, David board 4 Black. We felt at a slight disadvantage when we seen our opponents Grades,, totalling 583 to 424. As I have been told many times ‘play the board not the grade’.

Matthew opened with his favourite opening c4 the English. Fairly quickly his opponent gained control of the centre with advanced pawns and a well placed troublesome Knight. This proved to strong a position and Matthew graciously resigned.1-0

Martyn played the Sicillian Najdorf against his opponents e4. His opponent made some inaccurate moves and gave Black the advantage. With two very strong Bishops forcing Whites King into the corner on h1. White under developed was under severe pressure. Black appeared to lose the advantage when the Queens were exchanged, but still looked good for a draw. Until move 22 Nb6 giving opponent a pin on Blacks Rook and Knight. Black Rook Knight v Two Rooks this proved decisive. 2-0. (see game)

David board 4 again out graded and playing his second Div.2 game in three days having beaten Theo Kirby in his previous match got off to a good start. Developing a strong Kingside attack with a well advanced Pawn with supporting Queen and Rook. Opponent defended well and created strong counter play. This resulted in White having passed Pawns which advanced up the board with supporting King. 3-0.

Stan played an exceptional game frustrating Black with excellent defensive play. Gaining momentum had Black losing positional space which White took advantage of. White was now in the driving seat and Black was 30 minutes behind on clock. White was playing very strong moves keeping Black on the back foot. Black had a very strong Knight which defensively stopped him being defeated. With White unable to find a way through and not able to use his King to support the attack, as it was defending his pawn structure Black now playing Blitz chess to avoid losing on time was offered a draw with 10 seconds left on his clock, duly accepted. An excellent result Stan and well done on offering the draw thus avoiding your opponent losing on time.
3 1/2 – 1/2. Well played Taunton score does not reflect how close the match was.

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