Div 2 Match v Glastonbury

On Monday 30th April Steve Smith, Stan Wojcik, Martyn Maber and David Graham went to Glastonbury. Arriving on time we found that we were each outgraded by 20 or 30 points. Hey-ho. Anyway we got the digital clocks going (Stan needed a lot of help to push the right button to start the clock!) and the match started.

Steve succumbed quickly having made a small error on move 4, Martyn was doing well and advancing his king well up the board and Stan made an unwise sacrifice which his opponent managed to capitalise on. David managed to get a 2 pawn advantage and just as he was threatening to win a 3rd pawn his opponent resigned. Click here for the game. Match lost 1-3.

We were not down hearted though and eventually managed to find the right road out of the car-park.

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