Bishops Topple Knights 5-0

Well done, Bishops! In the Knights’ last match of the season, which they needed to win to stay in with a chance of leading Div 3, the Bishops won the match. Did I mention the score? No I don’t think I did. It was 5-0.

Stan and Martyn were equally matched but Stan got a pawn on the seventh rank and Martyn had to capitulate.

John outgraded his opponent, Matt and won a steady victory.

David and Fredrik were equally matched but David manged to force a win, though things would have been very different if Fredrik had played gxf6 on move 30.

Mike seemed to be at a disadvantage when I last looked but then I think Frank overlooked something and mate followed.

Richard beat Nathanael convincingly. Nathanael seemed a piece or so down in the middle and Richard played methodically to force a win.

So, that’s it. Oh I forgot to mention the score.


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