Three Knights Triumph.

Monday 19th March the Knights travelled to Sedgeless. Due to recent poor Weather Matthew was unable to make the match. So the Three Knights took up the challenge, having forfeited board Four we began the match 1-0 down.

Board 1. I.Chacon 116 v Martyn 117

Board 2. J. Wood U.G. v Fredrik 91

Board 3. P. Warren 55 v Dr Mike 59.

Fredrik with Black first to finish, A solid opening by Black defending anything White had to offer then taking control in the middle game using his pieces to good effect. Creating a strong attack on Whites Kingside defence. I had visions of 1-1. Alas no, Fredrik had so many attacking options but elected to go for the Queen sacrifice option. {which was not really an option). Looking more likely to be a draw in the end game Fredrik came up with a Rook sacrifice (Oh! how he loves to sacrifice his pieces} Swopping his Rook for his opponents passed Pawn leaving his three passed Pawns v Rook. As his opponents King was far advanced up the board his Rook was no match for Fredrik’s passed Pawns with supporting King. 1-1. Mike was next to finish. Evenly matched Mike with White got off to a solid start. Taking control of the centre and looking strong. Black started to get back into the game developing a good Kingside attack, Mike defended well and with cunning play went a piece up. Mike created two adjoining passed Pawns which his opponent was unable to defend. Well played Dr Mike. 1-2. Martyn only needed a draw to secure victory. Having played Ian Three times before all resulting in draws the omens looked good. Both players down to their last three minutes did not want to lose on time, Martyn’s opponent offered a draw which was duly accepted. 1 1/2 – 2 1/2. Well done Knights back to their table topping best but for how long. Teams below us have games in hand. COME ON BISHOPS do the Knights a favour beat Wellington twice. Stranger things have happened, Jeremy Corbyn Labour Leader, Trump President, Leicester winning the Premiership etc etc.

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