Yeovil v Knights.

The Knights travelled to Yeovil on Tuesday 21st Feb.

Board 1.Simon Gray 109 v Martyn 117 (See Game)

Board 2.Anthony Alsop 100 v Matthew 96 (See Game)

Board 3.Richard Heaton 88 v Ian 61

Board 4.Damien Kanielski 85 v Mike 59

Ian was first to finish his opponent proving to strong a player. 1-0
Martyn was next to finish out graded his opponent but found it difficult to seek an advantage his opponent having the best of the opening. Opponent offered draw move 45 which was accepted.1/2 – 1/2. Mike finished next having a strong start with Black blundered which resulted in loss of game. 1-0.
Matthew played his usual solid game, Having the best of the end game accepted a draw on move 38 in a complex ending which may have resulted in a win for Matthew.

Yeovil 3 – Knights 1.

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