Bishops v Weston

I had had to postpone our earlier fixture for various reasons so it was pleasing that we had four willing players to make the trip to Weston.

We slightly outgraded their players so I was optimistic. Mike Ward and Vic McAndrew were the first to finish and both won. I finished next against a weaker player who surprised me with an aggressive opening which had me thinking I was going to lose… but I managed to mate him just before he would have mated me. 3-0 so far and Stan was in a good position against a similar graded Malcolm Dinham. Then Stan lost the initiative but it was still opposite coloured bishops and a rook each. Stan offered a draw, Malcolm refused and then Stan lost a couple of pawns. Game over. Well done Malcolm. Anyway 3-1 as a final result is great. Well done team.

ps Click on the highlighted link to view the relevant game.

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