Bishops Triumph

Well, who would have thought it. I was dreading Yeovil visiting because I had looked at their grades and it seemed they were all in the 130s. I must have got the wrong data or club because as it turned out both John Wilkinson and Mike Ward were outgraded by 15, Stan Wojcik outgraded his opponent by 4 and I outgraded Damain Kaniewski by 14. Well, we’ve got a chance.

Stan finished first easily winning after his opponent blundered early on. Disappointing for Stan not to have a close game.

I finished second having been lucky to survive Black’s early onslaught, but winning a piece went on to convert it to a victory.  (We then had a 10 minute a side game and I won that too. Not Damian’s night).  (See Grahams Game)

John finished third losing a good close battle.  (See John’s Game)

Surprise of the night I suppose was Mike’s win. The game had appeared to be heading for a draw, which would have been a good result for Mike as Black, but an inspired Mike went on to win.  (See Mike’s Game)

Match Result Bishops 3 Yeovil 1. Well done Bishops. You will find the games at the above links or under Matches, Div 3, Results.

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