Table topping Knights toppled.

Knights v W.S.M.

The Knights welcomed Weston Super Mare Tuesday 23rd January in a Division 3 match. Weston arrived with a very strong team. Not a Skeen in sight reference to Robert Father and sons John and Peter who played in our first encounter.

Board 1 Martyn 115 Black v O. Isaac 133 close fought game no clear advantage for either player. Martyn offered draw on 23rd move, which was accepted. 1/2-1/2.

Board 2 Frank 110e White v S. Parsons 105 Frank stepping up to Board 2 for the first time had good attacking chances in the opening. Gradually his opponent created a strong Kingside attack which eventually won him the game. 0-1.

Board 3 Matt 98 v M. Cooper 103 another tight game both cancelling each other out, a draw agreed after 25 moves. 1/2-½. (See Game)

Board 4 Ian 65 White v K. Kyricon 100 a worthy effort by Ian but always going to be difficult against a player who out graded him by 30 Grading points. 0-1.

Knights 1-3 W.S.M.

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