Divine intervention.

The table topping Knights restarted there season with a trip to Wellington.
On paper we grossly out graded our opponents over the four boards.
Board 1 Nigel 125 White v John Jeremiah 105 Black. Nigel played his usual Nimzo-Larson opening which has served him well over the season. Not on this occasion, Black had a strong Kingside attack and the game was lost very quickly. 0-1. Board 4 Fredrik 91 Black v Kym Sanders ungraded White was the next game to finish. Fredrik felt his opponent had the best of the opening exchanges. He gradually gained control of the game, after pinning his opponents Knight in front of the Queen and winning a piece Fredrik had a clear advantage and won in 32 moves (see game). 1-1. Board 2 Martyn 115 Black v David Smith 79 White, Matthew 98 White v Neil Butler 77 Black, two close games. Martyn with the advantage of a passed Pawn on d4 but finding it difficult to push home the advantage and Matthew had a slight advantage in his game, things were getting interesting when the lights went out literally. Whether by Divine intervention or workmen in the area and after discussion between the players all agreed to a draw both games 2-2. (see Martyn’s Game)
games may follow.

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