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Bishops v Knights.

Tuesday 5th December the Knights played the Bishops. Despite the 3.5 – .5 victory in favour of the Knights the score line does not reflect the closely fought games on boards 2, 3, 4. Angie making her debut on board 1 was far to strong for her opponent and won in 25 moves with a strong King side attack (See Game). Nigel board 2 versus Stan was always going to be a tight affair and so it proved, cancelling each other out in a draw. Martyn board 3 v Moises good even start by both players. In the middle game Martyn continuing pressure on the e file had Moises using up valuable time on his clock, and his flag fell on his 28th move. Frank making his debut on board 4 against Mike W. Frank played a very attacking game winning a Pawn on move 10. Continuing his attack won a Knight on move 21. This proved decisive and Mike resigned on move 41 (See Game). This result put the Knights top of Division 3. Well done team.

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