Ouch!! Knights v Sedgeless.

The Knights suffered their first loss of the season, 0-4 to Sedgeless. Comfortably out graded on the top three boards, both Stephen and Matthew went down to quick losses. Stephen paying the price for not Castling leaving his King in the middle of the board open to attack. Matthew playing his English Opening got off to a good start but positional errors during the middle game weakened his position which cost him the game. So 0-2, Nigel playing as well as ever got into severe time pressure in the end game against a formidable opponent in Chris McKinley. This resulted in a rare error and loss of game. 0-3. Nathanael board four making his Knights debut played solidly with White and well above his grade. After doubling up his Rooks and with his Queen in support had a very good attack, at one point having a forced mate in Three but was not easy to spot. Eventually his opponent played a stronger endgame. 0-4. Well played Nathanael a worthy debut.

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