Bishops stun Sedgemoor

On a balmy night 3 intrepid explorers from Taunton found Wembdon’s newly built Parish Rooms. The captain, having just returned from a winter break in Nice, only travelled from Burrowbridge but was suffering from too much sun.

Outgraded on each of  the top 3 boards Stan on 1 managed a creditable draw having spent most of his time walking round the room trying to avoid inhaling his opponent’s cold germs. Mike Ward on 2 won (See Game), David Graham won on 3 against a time troubled opponent who resigned too hastily (See Game below). Steve Smith fell to an early knight sacrifice on F7 and never seemed to recover.

But the result was Taunton won 2.5 vs 1.5.

Well done Bishops.


Black Resigns

2 thoughts on “Bishops stun Sedgemoor

  1. I agree with Mike in his post match report, opponent resigned prematurely.

    31. Ne7+ Qxe7 32. Rd8+ Qxd8 33. Rxd8 Rxd8 , if Qxb5 then Rd1 winning for Black.

  2. He was under severe time pressure and panicked. Apparently I put him off by trying to play too quickly and not recording my moves for which I apologised.

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