Glastonbury v Knights.

Monday the Knights travelled to Glastonbury.  We were asked if we would like to play with digital clocks, three of the team declined only Matthew H elected to play with the digital clock  His time control was 90 minutes to complete game no 15 minutes back after 35 moves.

Martyn had a clear advantage after 13 moves gaining a Rook for a Bishop. His opponent making poor moves against his Chigorin defence, further mistakes resulted in going a clear piece up.  Nigel solid as ever with his Nimzo-Larson never in trouble had slight positional advantage going into end game.  Matthew played his English opening extremely well pushing home his positional advantage his opponent had no answers to the Kingside onslaught.  Ian played a very solid game going into the end game with equal amount of Pawns, his opponents slightly better placed which proved decisive.

Nigel C. v Martin Willis.  Drawn

Theo Kirby  v Martyn M.  0-1  (See Game)

Matthew H. v Roger Fenton. 1-0  (See Game)

Stuart Marsh v Ian H.  1-0

Knights 2.5 v Glastonbury 1.5.

Games to follow.




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