Match Report Knights v Yeovil.

The knights welcomed Yeovil for our third match of the season.  Mike Watson and Fredrik Carpelan were last minute replacements for Ian and Martyn.  Steady start by all four Knights.  Yeovil fielding a strong team started to gain advantages on boards 3 and 4.  Fredrik three pieces down heading for defeat until opponent Queened pawn but missed being mated on his back rank 1-0.  Mike gave a good performance but eventually lost to some good Chess by his opponent. 1-1.  Board 2 Matthew playing his English opening as well as ever had a winning position. Until he blundered touching the wrong piece which then became a losing position, he immediately resigned 1-2.  So it was up to Nigel to save the day. No clear advantage game looking drawn.  Clocks go back twelve minute advantage to opponent. Minutes ticked by, Nigel left his Knight on prix game and match over I thought.  Alas no! opponent did not capture fearing some master plan (which did not exist).  Nigel less than five minutes left invoked the no notation rule and offered opponent a draw which would have given Yeovil a match win, opponent declined.  Nigel 3 minutes opponent 9.  With some very good end game play making White think longer over his moves and still notating !!! much to his surprise his flag fell. 2-2

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