News update

Quick news update for those with ADHD and can’t stay focussed for the inevitable long pawnstar ramblings about to follow –

  • Taunton Win 2016 Somerset Cup, beating Yeovil 4.5 to 3.5. Report here.
  • Taunton Chess Club AGM was held on 31/5/2016 – key points are –
    • We plan to re-enter Division One, provided a 4-man team size is agreed
    • We need to find a new venue fast – ideas anyone? (Criteria required is – quiet, secure, has a bar, has a hot barmaid, has a pool table, has parking, is vaguely near Taunton and is cheap/free!)
    • Martin soon to be leaving due to job change and someone has to step-up to continue all his good work!
    • Full details here (as soon as Martin gives them to me…)


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