Yet even more Minor Updates (updated)

Pawnstar has been inundated with enthusiastic hawkings of the Minor variety  – see below from Mike Ward –

“The Minor Tournament is now in its final phase with only 4 games left, and as Nigel Cottle has won all his 9 games played so far he cannot be caught by any other participant and so is the Minor Champion for 2015 (a win in his last game v Martyn will give him a 100% score).

Matt. Haines is currently in 2nd. place but has played all his games and finishes on 6.5, however Martyn Maber has 2 to play against Nigel and Ken. Overshott so a draw and a win will see him finish on 7 points and take clear second place.

Vic. McAndrew has 2 to play (Mike Ward and David Graham) and with 2 wins can draw level with Matt.haines, while David G. with 3 to play (Mike Watson, Steve Smith and Vic.) can also finish on 6.5 with 3 wins.

Stephen Downes after a promising start with 5 wins from his first 5 games and looking to challenge for a good finish, lost 4 and drew 1 of his last 5 games finishing on 5.5 points.

So to recap, the games to come are:- Martyn v Nigel, Steve v David, Vic. v Mike Ward, and David v Vic, and with the possible scenarios above should lead to some interesting games to finish the Minor Tournament.

Latest results are Ken. O lost to Martyn M and to Ian Hardy and finishes on zero points! and Mike Watson wins v Dave G. and finishes on 5 points.”

And finally this was sent –

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 19.42.49

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