Even more Minor updates –

This from Mike Ward –

When the Minor was started in Sept. 2014 it was with 10 players which gave each player 9 games, 5 with 5 Whites and 4 Blacks with the other 5 having 4 Whites and 5 Blacks.

However when Stephen Downes (who joined the club later) came into the Minor it gave me the opportunity to even up the colours and thus giving everyone equal Whites and Blacks.

So at the (approx.) half way stage ( 21 games/4 rounds) there are 5 players on 3 points (all wins, no draws as yet) and they are Nigel Cottle (3/3), Stephen Downes (3/3), Steve Smith (3/4), Martyn Maber (3/4) and Matt. Haines (3/5).

Some unexpected results are Steve Smith(W) beating Martyn Maber, Matt. Haines after 3 wins losing his next two v Martyn and Stephen D. also Mike Ward losing against Ian Hardy and Mike Watson.

Other scores are:- Ian Hardy (1/4), Ken Overshott (0/4), Vic. McAndrew (1/2), David Graham (1/4) and Mike Ward (1/4).

Games to come between the front runners are Matt. Haines v Nigel Cottle/R.7, Martyn Maber v Nigel / R.9, Stephen Downes v Nigel, Martyn v Stephen and Nigel v Steve Smith / R.6 so plenty of interesting encounters still to come.

Not forgetting some of the other players ( Vic. McAndrew, Mike Ward, Mike Watson, Dave Graham) who may have something to say between now and the conclusion of the Minor.

All the games played to date in the Minor have been forwarded to the ECF for inclusion in the January Grading list.

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And some hot off the press results –

Stephen Downes 0-1 Steve Smith (a shock win for Herr Smith here!),

Vic. McAndrew 1-0 Ken. Overshott and Ian Hardy 0-1 Mike Watson.

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