AGM 2014

The AGM was held at Nick’s last Sunday, with the traditional BBQ bribe to get everyone to turn up. Many thanks to those that did. The minutes of the AGM are here, but a few choice details are listed –

* Club will re-open on Tuesday 9th September for the 2014/5 season.
* Alex takes over from Mike as Div1 and Somerset Cup Captain.
* Everyone needs to registered with the ECF in orer to play a rated game (i.e. club matches). Details here if you didn’t already know.
* Sedgemoor, WSM and Glastonbury (Div1 only) have new venues – see below.



Taunton Chess Club – AGM 2014 Sunday 17th August 2014


1. Members present – Martin Worrall, Mike Ward, Mike Richardt, Ben Edgell, Stan Wojick, Matthew Haines, Steve Smith, Alex Conway, Mike Watson, Dave Graham and Nick Wilson. Apologies from Jorge Pineda-Langford, Dave Littlejohns, Mark Hassall, Ken Overshott, Ian H and John Anderson

2. Minutes reviewed from the previous 2013 meeting.

3. Announcement of trophy winners –
i. Division 1 champions – Taunton yet again (now five in a row)
ii. Somerset Cup Champions – Taunton yet again (four in a row)
iii. Taunton Club Champion – not held
iv. Challenger trophy for Club Minor Championship – Matthew Haines
v. Lightning Championship – Terry Stuttard

4. Treasurers Report – Martin Worrall. The club made a loss of approximately £3.88 last year (opening bal £599.66 v closing bal of £595.78). This small loss came about largely as a result of our purchasing new clocks at a cost of £129.44. It was decided members costs should be retained a £10pa to ensure the club runs at a small profit in future. Members were reminded they also are required to register directly with the ECF for grading and game fee purposes. Details of this remain the same as last year. Due to some members not registering with the ECF, the club decided no team captain can pick a player who is not already registered. Efforts will be made to collect late fees, with sympathy for those in difficult situations, but the “no-ECF, no play”, rule will be inforced in future to avoid the problem re-occurring. One final point is the electronic chess clocks, which proved difficult to understand, would be sold off at £10 each. MikeW (1), Alex/Southmapton Uni (3 or 4) requested some. Should any remain unsold by Xmas 2014, they will be auctioned off via eBay.

5. Division 1 and Somerset Cup Report, MikeR. Taunton double winners again, with MikeR, TerryS, CarlB and StanW all scoring 100% in Div1 and JamesB. MikeR and AlexC scoring 100% in the Somerset Cup. It should be pointed out that no team has even won Div1 six times in a row – we stand on the edge of immortality…

6. Division 2 Report. Martin Worrall. Taunton came 2/7, and at one time fought for the lead. We agreed we can win this league, but need regular appearances of our top players to be in with a chance.

7. Division 3 Report, MikeW (Bishops) and MatthewH (Knights). The Bishops team is mainly for giving players experience and the final result of last was expected. However, the Knights team, of slightly stronger players had a much better season and finished second – in only their first year. Matthew feels we can go one better next year!

8. Internal Club Championship report – the Major section of this was a failure this year due to rounds having no defined schedule, and therefore, lazily, no-one played any games (I think only 5 games in total were played). Clearly there is no winner, and next year a monthly schedule needs to be in place again. However, the minor section was a success, with all games played, and Matthew Haines emerged the winner after a tie-break with Vic McAndrew.

9. Election of Officers

a. Div1 Captain (AlexC to take over from MikeR)
b. Somerset Cup Captain (AlexC to take over from MikeR)
c. Div 2 Captain – (Martin Worrell continues)
d. Div 3 Captain – (MikeW and MatthewH to continue)
e. Treasurer – (MartinW continues)
f. Deputy Treasurer – (MikeW continues)
g. Secretary – (NickW continues)
h. Press Officer – MikeR to continue.
i. Club Championship – (NickW to take over from MikeR)

10. Other Business –

i. To confirm – Club membership Fees will continue to be £10pa, in addition to ECF fees.
ii. A ‘No-ECF membership, no play’ rule to be enforced for all graded games.
iii. Lightning Championship Trophy. This was a success and will be held again in September, date to be arranged asap. It needs a prompt start time to ensure there is enough time to complete.
iv. Venue – everyone is happy with the Monkton Heathfield Venue.
v. Venue – the new venue needs a larger cupboard. There are some large, decent chessboards from the school which also need to be stored there. Martin to source.
vi. Venue – there is a potential issue regarding alarm and locking on days Martin cannot do this. A second key, and alarm code needs to be supplied. Martin to finalise details prior to new season.
vii. New season – Tues September 9th is the official start date.
viii. Mike Watson donated kettle, coffee, tea and cups + charity tin – many thanks! £61 raised last year and given to a diabetes charity – Many thanks Mike. Next year it was decided MIND charity would be the beneficiary.
ix. MikeW proposed the second tier internal club champ for players should be increased to U120. Next years AGM will be on a Sunday in late August/early Sept 2015 exact time and date TBC.
x. Venue changes – WSM now meet on Thursdays at new venue First floor of the Conservative Club, 24-26, Alexandra Parade, Weston-super-Mare BS23 1QX. They have a rule whereby players names need to be submitted beforehand – we don’t like this early advising of team, so we will simply lodge our member list with them.
xi. Venue changes – Glastonbury division 1 team will now play at Millfield School on Tuesdays.
xii. Venue changes – Sedgemoor now meet on Weds at The Admirals Landing, The Docks, Bridgwater TA6 3EX
xiii. Scheduling issues – due to clashes caused by schedule changes, it was decided that no team captain may re-arrange a match to a date which already has an existing team playing. E.g. a revised Div1 match may not take place on a day when a Div3 team is already playing
xiv. MikeR informed us he is taking a job in Saudi and therefore will be unavailable this year, and most likely for the indefinite future. We want to thank Mike for his invaluable contribution to the club, in both playing strength and enthusiasm, both of which have been key in Taunton’s recent success. Whilst we wish him all the best in his new job, we actually hope it all goes horribly wrong, and he can return quickly to be part of the team again!
xv. It was decided a new trophy will be researched and purchased for the Club Championship. The look of the previous trophy has had a mixed response at best and it starting to show it’s age. Names and dates of previous winners should be transferred across. No budget was suggested for this. Martin to source.
xvi. 2015 AGM will be held in late August 2015, date TBA.

Nick Wilson – secretary

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