Club Champ – round 4 results

The results of round 4 are as follows:

Board White Score Black Score
1 Dave Littlejohns 0 Mike Richardt 1
2 Stan Wojcik 0 Mark Hassall 1
3 Mike Ward 1/2 Vic McAndrew 1/2
4 Jerry Kilby 0 Nick Wilson 1
5 Martin Worrall 1 Mike Watson 0
6 Stephen Smith 0 John Anderson 1
7 Dave Graham 1D bye

Hmm, what can I say about the results of round 4? I think my win against Dave Littlejohns is perhaps the biggest surprise we are both similar in playing strength. The other results are more or less expected.

Club Champ – Round 1 report

As you can see from the results white had a pretty good score. One major upset happened in the first round: John Anderson beat Stan Wojcik. John was out graded by a massive 75 ECF points and still managed to win the game. Congrats to him.

Unfortunately we had two default wins: Terry Stuttard dropped out of the tournament and will no longer participate in this year’s tournament. This gives Vic a default win in the first round.

Stephen Smith knew that he might not be able to play the first round game as he is working in Malawi and will be back shortly. This give Jerry a default win for his first round encounter.

– Mike

Club Champ – Round 1. Nick Wilson v Mike Watson

Nick played Mike in the first round. The game whilst short, featured an attempted Queen sac, followed by a king hunt and knight sac to finish off quickly.

Mike’s reaction to the game –

Mike gets angry at being checkmated!