Taunton Bishops v Taunton Knights.

The Bishops entertained the Knights Tuesday 06/11/2018. Teams lined up as follows.
Board 1 Martyn Maber White v Jerry Kilby Black
Board 2 Stan Wojcik Black v MD
Board 3 Fredrik Carpelan White v Mike Ward Black.
Board 4 Steve Smith Black v Vic McAndrew White.

Board 4. White getting the upper hand early on applying Pressure on Blacks Kingside resulting in a loss of a Rook. After the Queens came off White managed to get both Rooks on Blacks back Rank and Black eventually succumbed 1-0 Bishops.

Board 3, Fredrik playing his first game of the season was up against Bishops stalwart Mike Ward. Fredrik got off to a strong start. Move 21 d6 won Blacks Bishop, unable to take Bishop on move 22 as Whites Queen on prix played Queen c3 Blacks King had to give up Bishop or lose his Queen to discovered check Pawn e6. Move 25 White blundered a Bishop back to Black game even. The endgame was set up for a close finish either player with winning chances. Both players with Pawns and a Knight. White outplaying Black in the endgame using his Knight to good effect. Bishops 1 Knights 1.

Board 1, Martyn opened with London Opening. Move 16 Black blundered a central Pawn weakening his centre giving White the initiative. All four Bishops off early, Whites central Knights more effective picking up undefended Pawns. Move 27 White miscalculated looking likely to loose a Knight but finding Queen c4 forcing the Queens off. It was now a race to Queen a pawn which White won. Knights 2-1.

On to Board 2, Stan comfortably out grading Moises found a player in good form. A tactical battle. Black not castling playing his King from a central position. As the game progressed Blacks King was exposed to Whites Queen and two Rooks Black defending well having to find the correct moves got his King to safety. Black played a strong end game winning a Rook with mounting pressure. White trying to find the correct moves was using up a lot of time and eventually his Flag fell.

Knights 3 Bishops 1.

Bishops’ Wells Fiasco

Or how not to organise a booze-up in a brewery.

Oh dear, this has not been a good start to the season. We lost at home to Weston 1/2 -3 1/2, the captain being absent having played at Glastonbury for the Knights the night before. ( Tonight we are all Knights was the watchword). The replacement captain was ill so Mike Ward organised the playing order. Jerry Kilby drew, the rest lost. Oh well, there is always the next match at Wells. If only! The team was organised to travel to Wells on Wednesday, but the captain fell ill on the day and so couldn’t play. The other three players were to meet in Taunton and go on to Wells but somehow Player 2 and Player 3 couldn’t find Player 4. Thinking there were only two players available they postponed the match. Meanwhile Player 4 gave up waiting for Players 2 and 3 and drove to Wells only to find that the club had changed venues, but the people at the old venue didn’t know the new one. So he went home too. No I am not making this up.

Do I re-arrange this fixture or just shoot myself?.

2018/2019 – Division 3 Fixtures / Results

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Click here to see Somerset League Division 3 results so far.


(Captain – David Graham)

11-Sep-18 Tues Taunton Bishops  - W-S-Mare Bishops  ½ – 3½
26-Sep-18 Wed Wells  - Taunton Bishops Postponed
09-Oct-18 Tues Taunton Bishops  - Glastonbury  1 – 3
22-Oct-18 Mon Sedgemoor ( C )  - Taunton Bishops  3 – 1 (Report)
06-Nov-18 Tues Taunton Bishops  - Taunton Knights  1 – 3  (Report)
04-Dec-18 Tues Taunton Bishops  - Wellington  1 – 3
18-Dec-18 Tues Taunton Bishops  - W-S-Mare Knights  2 – 2
10-Jan-19 Thurs W-S-Mare Bishops  - Taunton Bishops  0 – 4  (Report)
29-Jan-19 Tues Taunton Bishops  - Wells  1 – 3
18-Feb-19 Mon Glastonbury  - Taunton Bishops  3 – 1  (Report)
05-Mar-19 Tues Taunton Bishops  - Sedgemoor ( C )
19-Mar-19 Tues Taunton Knights  - Taunton Bishops  2 – 2
03-Apr-19 Wed Wellington  - Taunton Bishops  2½ – 1½
18-Apr-19 Thurs W-S-Mare Knights  - Taunton Bishops


(Captain – Stan Wojcik)

10-Sep-18 Mon Glastonbury  - Taunton Knights  4 – 0
25-Sep-18 Tues Taunton Knights  - W-S-Mare Knights  ½ – 3½
08-Oct-18 Mon Sedgemoor ( C )  - Taunton Knights  2½ – 1½
23-Oct-18 Tues Taunton Knights  - W-S-Mare Bishops  ½ – 3½ (Game)
06-Nov-18 Tues Taunton Bishops  - Taunton Knights  1 – 3  (Report)
12-Dec-18 Wed Wells  - Taunton Knights  3 – 1
19-Dec-18 Wed Wellington  - Taunton Knights  Postponed
08-Jan-19 Tues Taunton Knights  - Glastonbury  1½ – 2½  (Game)
07-Feb-19 Thurs W-S-Mare Knights  - Taunton Knights  1 – 3  (Game)
19-Feb-19 Tues Taunton Knights  - Sedgemoor ( C )  2 – 2
07-Mar-19 Thurs W-S-Mare Bishops  - Taunton Knights  ½ – 3½
19-Mar-19 Tues Taunton Knights  - Taunton Bishops  2 – 2
02-Apr-19 Tues Taunton Knights  - Wells  1½ – 2½
16-Apr-19 Tues Taunton Knights  - Wellington

Knights 2017 / 2018. Season Summary.

The Knights had their highest positional League finish for many a season. We were table topping Knights for most weeks. What might have been if Angie and Nigel were our Boards One and Two for the second half of the season. I am sure we would have been contesting the Division Three Title. We just have to be content with finishing above the Bishops AGAIN ! 5-O oh the shame of it. Congratulations to the Bishops for a strong finish to the season. Highlights for me travelling to Sedgeless with Three players winning 2.5 / 1.5 having forfeited board 4. The emergence of our two junior players Frank and Nathanael who out performed their grades which I am sure will be reflected in the July grading.

P.12 W.4 D.4 L.4.

Top Three Knights performers.

Martyn. won 4 drew 5 lost 1.
Nigel. won 2 drew 3 lost 2.
Fredrik won 3 drew 0 lost 2.

I would like to Thank all players for their valuable support over the season. A special Thank you to Sharon for her support with the Web page and promoting Taunton Chess Club.

Bishops Topple Knights 5-0

Well done, Bishops! In the Knights’ last match of the season, which they needed to win to stay in with a chance of leading Div 3, the Bishops won the match. Did I mention the score? No I don’t think I did. It was 5-0.

Stan and Martyn were equally matched but Stan got a pawn on the seventh rank and Martyn had to capitulate.

John outgraded his opponent, Matt and won a steady victory.

David and Fredrik were equally matched but David manged to force a win, though things would have been very different if Fredrik had played gxf6 on move 30.

Mike seemed to be at a disadvantage when I last looked but then I think Frank overlooked something and mate followed.

Richard beat Nathanael convincingly. Nathanael seemed a piece or so down in the middle and Richard played methodically to force a win.

So, that’s it. Oh I forgot to mention the score.


2017/2018 – Division 3 Fixtures / Results

Click here to see Somerset League Division 3 West results so far.

12/9/17 Tu Taunton (Bishops) - Weston 0 – 4
12/9/17 Tu Taunton (Knights) - Wellington 3 – 1 (Review)
27/9/17 W Yeovil - Taunton (Bishops) 2 – 2
28/9/17 Th Weston - Taunton (Knights) 2 – 2  (Review)
10/10/17 Tu Taunton (Bishops) - Glastonbury 0 – 4  (Review)
10/10/17 Tu Taunton (Knights) - Yeovil 2 – 2  (Review)
23/10/17 M Glastonbury - Taunton (Knights) 2½ – 1½  (Review)
23/10/17 M Sedgeless - Taunton (Bishops) 1½ – 2½  (Review)
7/11/17 Tu Taunton (Knights) - Sedgeless 0 – 4  (Review)
5/12/17 Tu Taunton (Bishops) - Taunton (Knights) ½ – 3½  (Review)
10/1/18 W Wellington - Taunton (Knights) 2 – 2  (Review)
23/1/18 Tu Taunton (Bishops) - Yeovil 3 – 1  (Review)
23/1/18 Tu Taunton (Knights) - Weston 1 – 3  (Review)
8/2/18 Th Weston - Taunton (Bishops) 1 – 3  (Review)
19/2/18 M Glastonbury - Taunton (Bishops) 3½ – ½
21/2/18 W Yeovil - Taunton (Knights) 3 – 1  (Review)
6/3/18 Tu Taunton (Bishops) - Sedgeless 2 – 2
6/3/18 Tu Taunton (Knights) - Glastonbury 2 – 2  (Review)
19/3/18 M Sedgeless - Taunton (Knights) 1½ – 2½  (Review)
28/3/18 M Wellington - Taunton (Bishops) 3½ – ½
3/4/18 Tu Taunton (Knights) - Taunton (Bishops) 0 – 5  (Review)
17/4/18 Tu Taunton (Bishops) - Wellington 2½ – 1½

Three Knights Triumph.

Monday 19th March the Knights travelled to Sedgeless. Due to recent poor Weather Matthew was unable to make the match. So the Three Knights took up the challenge, having forfeited board Four we began the match 1-0 down.

Board 1. I.Chacon 116 v Martyn 117

Board 2. J. Wood U.G. v Fredrik 91

Board 3. P. Warren 55 v Dr Mike 59.

Fredrik with Black first to finish, A solid opening by Black defending anything White had to offer then taking control in the middle game using his pieces to good effect. Creating a strong attack on Whites Kingside defence. I had visions of 1-1. Alas no, Fredrik had so many attacking options but elected to go for the Queen sacrifice option. {which was not really an option). Looking more likely to be a draw in the end game Fredrik came up with a Rook sacrifice (Oh! how he loves to sacrifice his pieces} Swopping his Rook for his opponents passed Pawn leaving his three passed Pawns v Rook. As his opponents King was far advanced up the board his Rook was no match for Fredrik’s passed Pawns with supporting King. 1-1. Mike was next to finish. Evenly matched Mike with White got off to a solid start. Taking control of the centre and looking strong. Black started to get back into the game developing a good Kingside attack, Mike defended well and with cunning play went a piece up. Mike created two adjoining passed Pawns which his opponent was unable to defend. Well played Dr Mike. 1-2. Martyn only needed a draw to secure victory. Having played Ian Three times before all resulting in draws the omens looked good. Both players down to their last three minutes did not want to lose on time, Martyn’s opponent offered a draw which was duly accepted. 1 1/2 – 2 1/2. Well done Knights back to their table topping best but for how long. Teams below us have games in hand. COME ON BISHOPS do the Knights a favour beat Wellington twice. Stranger things have happened, Jeremy Corbyn Labour Leader, Trump President, Leicester winning the Premiership etc etc.

Knights v Glastonbury.

Tuesday 6th March the Knights welcomed joint Division 3 leaders Glastonbury. Board 4. Nathanael grade 44 had a formidable opponent in Roger Fenton 92, who proved too strong for our up coming star. 0-1. Frank 90 out graded on Board 3 against Barry Thornley 97, capitalised on opening errors by his opponent and with solid play had a comfortable evening. 1-1. Fredrik 91 had an ungraded player Haroon Symonds. From move 8 to 33 computer analysis showed Fredrik with a winning game. Unfortunately miscalculation resulted in the game turning on its head. 1-2. Martyn 117 v Theo Kirby 125 had a tight game. Theo having a strong attack Black had to defend well. Move 25 Opponent blundered a Bishop, which proved decisive. 2-2.

Bishops’ Winning Streak Ends

On Monday the 20th Stan, Vic, Mike Ward and David went to Glastonbury and full of positive feelings from our previous wins proceeded to lose 3.5 to 0.5.

For some reason nobody wants their games put up on the website. Mike lost a pawn early on and went downhill from there, David lost a queen earliest and resigned, Vic just got outplayed. Only Stan could be reasonably proud, but when I looked he seemed to have all his pieces on the back rank and his opponent was pushing forward.

Anyway he came away with a draw. This match is best forgotten.